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  • n. The provision of healthcare services


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care +‎ giving


  • I assume this to mean that caregiving is not always an experience of degradation and that dependency, even in its extremes, can offer opportunities for great acts of tenderness.

    Imperfect Union

  • OUR VIEW of the future of at-home caregiving is that friends of boomers will fill in many of the gaps (as will paid, non-medical caregiving services and other developing models).

    By 2028, Boomers Will Be Most Thankful for Friends (The Boomer Blog)

  • According to an AARP study released Monday, nearly a quarter of unpaid caregivers say that caregiving is a financial hardship.

    Supporting a parent? Check for tax breaks

  • Since so many of these accidents happen to young men, thy leave many young families facing either a life or death or a long-long-long term caregiving situation.

    I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream For Icing!

  • Although one in two consumers in the U.S. report having either direct or indirect experience with long-term caregiving, they also generally underestimate the impact to their finances if they need to reduce their work schedule or quit work to become a caregiver.

    Business Wire Travel News

  • [5] White CL, Poissant L, Cote-LeBlanc G, et al. Long-term caregiving after stoke: the impact on caregivers 'quality of life.

    Health News from Medical News Today

  • I, Elizabeth, currently need daily caregiving, which is provided by Linda who needs breaks every week since just tonight I hurt my wrist, had a small seizure, overheated and ended up face down on the keyboard really makes for an odd blog when there is a page full of NNNNNNNNNNNN.

    Year End, Postcards, Penguins, Wishlist, The Plan, Sakura-Con

  • I just don't have the strength for that kind of 'caregiving' anymore.

    I'm ill. I keep on as I have and I die. So what now?

  • Now, if you consider that adult courtship rituals all over the world involve the kind of caregiving behaviors we see parents displaying for their kids, you'll recognize kissing of any kind is an early form of feeding that has since been co-opted for many other purposes.

    Origins of Affectionate Kissing vs Erotic Kissing

  • KING: And the hardest kind of caregiving is for an Alzheimer's patient, is it not?

    CNN Transcript Dec 1, 2005


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