from The Century Dictionary.

  • Of the nature of a caress or caresses; caressing.


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  • Always the same soft, caressive, subservient, yet managing voice.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover

  • Mrs Bolton would say in her caressive, persuasive voice.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover

  • But to Kate she was very kind, caressive, speaking English in a plaintive faded voice.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • The snake of my left-hand out of the darkness is kissing your feet with his mouth of caressive fire,

    The Plumed Serpent

  • ‘You are not rich, Niña?’ came the singing, caressive bird-like voice: ‘Then, you are poor?’ — this was indescribable irony.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • His gestures were caressive yet instinctive with power, and the plants settled ravenously to his touch, seemed to spread their small leaves with immediate life and to become rooted for ever where he left them.

    Cider With Rosie

  • "Been at home pining for some place to go," said Ernestine drawing the sewing from Bea's hand, and leaning over into that sister's lap with a caressive gesture.

    Six Girls A Home Story

  • It had come in a moment, wakened into quivering being by the caressive notes of the dear French voice -- "mais je suis jeune, et mon coeur est guéri, et il lui manque affreusement de la foi, de la tendresse, de -- de" -- adorable catch of emotion -- "de l'amitié."

    The Fortunate Youth

  • Her phrases, so natural, so sincere, in her own tongue, and so caressive, stirred the best in him.

    The Fortunate Youth

  • 'Vieni -- vieni qua,' Hermione was saying, in her strange caressive, protective voice, as if she were always the elder, the mother superior.

    Women in Love


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