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  • n. Plural form of cariamid.


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  • Having said that, from the morphological point of view cariamaens certainly look enough alike to be regarded as close: some phorusrhacids have previously been classified as cariamids, for example.

    Goodbye, my giant predatory, cursorial, flightless hoatzin

  • To return to phorusrhacids ...... in the previous posts I at least alluded to ideas about their affinities: it is universally agreed that their closest living relatives are the South American seriemas (or cariamids), and it is furthermore agreed that two fossil groups, the bathornithids of Eocene-Miocene North America and the idiornithids of Eocene-Oligocene Europe, are also close relatives of both seriemas and phorusrhacids.

    Archive 2006-11-01

  • All of these birds – idiornithids, bathornithids, cariamids and phorusrhacids – form a clade termed the Cariamae Fürbringer, 1888, and conventionally they’ve been regarded as part of Gruiformes, the group that includes rails, cranes, trumpeters and several other groups.

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