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  • adj. Having the character of a caricature

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  • Of the nature of caricature; caricature-like: as, a caricatural biography.


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caricature +‎ -al


  • Painting, Smoking, Eating, Philip GustonStedelijk Museum, AmsterdamIn this tragicomic painting, the American artist Philip Guston portrays himself as a caricatural cyclops stuck in bed with his sloth, his weak will and his ruinous appetites.

    The 10 best ... New Year's resolution paintings

  • Your blog, which reflects in a very clever way about motherhood issues does more good to women than this kind of elitist, guilt-inducing, spiteful and caricatural depiction of dummy motherhood.

    Who’s The Dummy, Mummy? | Her Bad Mother

  • If the reaction of contrarians dictate what you do, your behaviour will soon end up as caricatural as theirs.

    If we can’t make mistakes, then we can’t do science | Serendipity

  • Some painters – Chantal Joffe, Elizabeth Peyton – have been inspired by the gawky, wry and caricatural aspects of her work; others by the expressiveness and mystery.

    Alice Neel: Painted Truths; In the Company of Alice

  • She was never the caricatural "Jewish mother" — no insisting that we eat, and no guilt for not writing or calling.

    We Remember - Esther Jones, 1915 - 1994

  • He combined a wicked, caricatural eye for the signature features and body language of his subjects (who included his friends the singers and dancers May Milton, Jane Avril, and La Goulue) with the radical use of broad flat colors, strong silhouettes, and unusual points of view.

    GREAT EXHIBITIONS: MFA Boston, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Tate Modern

  • On the right, his opponent will be equally caricatural: the uber-conservative young Cuban-American buck Marco Rubio, about whom we know little except that he wants to abolish most federal taxes, is against any contact with Cuba and endorsed Huckabee in 2008, so there is plenty of humorous potential there.

    Paul Jenkins: Republican Circus: Extended Engagement

  • I'm very well-aware that people like this do exist, but in this case I felt that the characters were too caricatural to be believable.

    City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende

  • Through the wall, I heard the monotonous clack of a typewriter, voices, purposeful steps that stopped at the door, which opened to reveal another caricatural American, his teeth perfect, his grin broad and empty.

    Dreaming in French

  • The minute you start 'pulling' those facial muscles to show surprise, fear, etc., you easily end up with a caricatural expression.



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