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  • adj. Resembling a caricature


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caricature +‎ -ish


  • Her Billie Dawn was coarser than Holliday's, but never caricaturish, and the coarseness only heightened our pleasure in seeing Billie become more sensitive, truly educated.

    Howard Kissel: Three Revivals

  • People are wise to this tactic now, it is caricaturish. sunshine

    Obama political arm goes on offense

  • One way you could cue the readers to its significance is to overdo the style in a caricaturish way.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » A Glimpse into the Editor’s Office: Editing Twilight

  • Further: ... the protagonist's inner machinations [in one of the stories] are merely caricaturish.

    Realism in Fiction

  • Yes, in the original trilogy all the action has an intentionally caricaturish slant to it, being based on 30s serials.

    Sound Off: Indiana Jones 4 - What Did You Think? «

  • It may very well be that the views of many libertarians are “somewhat more convoluted than the sort of caricaturish ‘all taxation is theft, all regulation is slavery’” position.

    But… But… PROFIT! (fnord)

  • Many characters take on caricaturish hues-a private detective is smarmy and perpetually smoking; a professor wears nerd glasses and a frumpy sweater-and express their inner lives through outré pantomime.

    Slate Articles

  • Gordon's characters-despite caricaturish names like Suitcase Smithers and Medicine Ed-are complex and finely drawn, and she successfully steers clear of most horse-racing clichés, while unspooling a plot of corruption and intrigue.

    The New Yorker

  • Philip Hernandez did some good as Gregorio when he wasn't being caricaturish, and April Ortiz grounded the proceedings with her flesh and blood portrayal of Luz.

    Westword | Complete Issue

  • Speaking of which, I am often struck by how caricaturish posts like the above sound when I read them.



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