caricaturistic love


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

  • adj. Grossly and comically exaggerated, like a caricature.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

caricature +‎ -istic


  • Show me more of these caricaturistic Slapstick Music, You have created a new art, I think.

    Now I'm Only Falling Apart (Music (For Robots))

  • The anti-war movements usually have a very caricaturistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so hopefully I might be able to show some other sides to it.

    Thursday Talk | Jewschool

  • Once again, David Malki has gone completely, ingeniously mad with caricaturistic power and created a few delightful variations on one of my favourite movie themes ever.

    Warren Ellis

  • “since times immemorial” (an extreme, somewhat caricaturistic version, corresponding to nineteenth century nationalist rhetoric), or at least for a long time during the pre-modern period


  • Making the leap isn’t a matter of reality, its a matter of albeit twisted logic. like you said, a very caricaturistic view. really sad, i think, especially because so many of these cats love emma goldman.

    Thursday Talk | Jewschool

  • Yes, it's a comedy, the irony of which tends to soften all the P. C.-ignoring misogyny (one stripper in a peeler-club gunbattle is shot in the chest and bleeds silicone), casual ethnic slurs (Bai Ling plays Ria, a caricaturistic Chinese hooker crushing on Chelios after he saves her life.

    Ottawa Sun


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