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  • v. Obsolete form of carried., Simple past tense and past participle of cary.


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  • JAcob actually caried my six pack out of the liquor store on Quance.

    Your droids will have to wait outside

  • This drew a croud to the beach and we walkd a long way under Shakespear's Cliff, but on the arrival of a boat instead of Old Blucher, [3] she landed Count Meternich the Austrian Ambasador, whom the croud took on their shoulders and caried against his will to the Ship

    Letter 290

  • Did not plan on writing a essay, but kinda got caried away.

    Close Calls: Two Hunters Dodge a Charging Moose

  • In the field "in country" or back home anyone back then, no matter who, .. would think twice about oicking a fightAs even after discharge many guys at least for a time caried,. .kives, .. or something deadly quicky accessable.

    Putting the Wolf on Trial

  • My first trip west, many years ago, all the firearm cases were kept in a seperate area of teh plane and we hand caried by the Airline Luggage director.

    Predictions for the New Year

  • Its called assault or battery when physical violence is threatened or caried out; children deserve the same protection and respect.

    LIVE Blog: Chat with us during the show

  • Jim: True story: A guy applied for a job, after the interview his potential new Boss caried him to lunch.

    What to Do With Your Gift From George W.

  • IMO JE endorsement would have caried way more buzz had he done it before the Potomac Primaries ...

    Report: Edwards Thinks Hillary Has Courted Him More Effectively

  • St Osmund and St Andrew's Primary School in Breightmet, Greater Manchester, is under investigation by Bolton Council because of complaints by neighbours that children laugh too loudly at playtime:Investigators have now caried out noises assessment tests to see if the levels of laughing exceed tolerable limits recommended by the World Health Organisation.

    Grumpy Britain

  • Katy Perry should move to Saudi Arabia or Iran, where this issue is no joke and her wishes would be dutifully caried out.

    "Please, celibacy for the whole year? I'd rather die."


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