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  • And England has her "men of Gotham" -- a village in Nottinghamshire -- who are credited with most of the noodle stories which have been current among the people for centuries past, though other places share to some extent in their not very enviable reputation: in Yorkshire the "carles" of Austwick, in Craven; some villages near Marlborough Downs, in Wiltshire; and in the counties of

    The Book of Noodles Stories of Simpletons; or, Fools and Their Follies

  • radio show on sirius xmu, 'carles' will use an amount of those in 'the following week (s),' he said bed (scroll down) and other books my five most played songs on my ipod for half of 2008 are jenny says you ate the mouse!


  • i sent 'carles' 30 poems, i recorded myself reading 30 poems, amounting to ~20 minutes, for


  • Hutcheon had nae will to the wark, but he had stood by Dougal in battle and broil, and he wad not fail him at this pinch; so down the carles sat ower a stoup of brandy, and Hutcheon, who was something of a clerk, would have read a chapter of the Bible; but Dougal would hear naething but a blaud of Davie Lindsay, whilk was the waur preparation.


  • Reddened Viridis again; but Atra spake, and she also blushed somewhat, though she smiled: Those whom we love, and who love us, be not queans, but carles; neither be they of our blood, but aliens, till love overcometh them and causeth them to long to be of one flesh with us; and their longing is beyond measure, and they desire our bodies, which they deem far fairer than belike they be.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • But on the third day came to Sir Hugh two stout carles well weaponed, who said that they knew well all the ways that led to Evilshaw, and the ways that went therethrough, and they offered themselves for a wage to Sir Hugh.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • So that ere we die, quoth the carle who was speaking, we look to see many grandchildren, and shall have some stout carles and queans here.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • As they rode the streets of the good town, they noted of them, that though it was evening wherein folk do much disport them abroad, there were women and children enough in the streets or standing at their doors, but of carles very few, and they for the more part grey-heads.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • But amidst the said greensward was a goodly flock of sheep that had been but of late washed for the shearing, and along with the sheep four folk, two carles and two queans, all of them in their first youth, not one by seeming of over a score and two of summers.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • Sir Hugh bound hard and fast to a tree-bole, and he naked in his shirt, and hard by lay the bodies of two stout carles with their throats cut; for these honest men and the two felons who had betrayed them were all the following wherewith the Green Knight had entered Evilshaw.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles


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