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  • n. Plural form of carotid.


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  • In each organ separation and purification of the blood are effected and removal of the heterogeneous, not to mention how the heart sends its blood up to the brain after purification in the lungs, which is done by the arteries called carotids, and how the brain returns the blood, now vivified, to the vena cava just above where the thoracic duct brings in the chyle, and so back again to the heart.

    Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence

  • It is your music that makes me want to crack open my ribcage and rip out my heart as it still beats, to cauterize my carotids, and shove the mechanical insides of a clock into my thoracic cavity.

    Music That Tastes Like Blood

  • A woman's odds of having plaque in one carotid artery went up by 17% and in both carotids by 42% for every 10 years of pill use.

    Study links birth control pill to artery-clogging plaque

  • Now the blockage is in the carotids and the blockage is 100%.

    Anything Else?

  • He was having, as I recall, and endarterectomy, to have his carotids cleaned out, so as to get more blood to his brain.

    My Joe Haldeman Story

  • Meantime, Dr. Kastelein says, as data were turned over in batches, the companies noticed some images were missing; other data suggested "biologically implausible" changes in patients 'carotids.

    Drug firms' about-face brings researcher relief

  • Meantime, Dr. Kastelein says, as data were turned over in batches to the companies, Schering-Plough and Merck noticed that some images were missing; other data suggested patients had undergone changes in their carotids that were "biologically implausible."

    Stakes Remain High in Merck,

  • My vision went dark for an instant as the rope tightened on my carotids, then cleared, and I found Boble's face inches from mine, his breath hot on my skin.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • And eventually, like Bill Cosby, is going to come to the point where, when they go up one in your carotids and you're getting scared.

    CNN Transcript Dec 10, 2003

  • Sara said, “Cut off the carotids—she was out in seconds…and dead in under a minute.”

    Sin City


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