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  • n. A name of the giant water-cavy or capibara.


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  • It's very close to its descendant, the 'carpincho', and the guys who discovered it must have thought it was an important find to name it after José Artigas, the national hero...

    Mega Rodent, Part 1

  • And the largest and weirdest-looking rodent on the planet, the carpincho, which can grow to a weight of more than a hundred pounds.

    Dancing with the Devil

  • Also, carpincho in Spanish and chigüire mostly in Venezuela.

    The Fantastical Capybara: An Interview with Melanie Typaldos About Her Caplin Rous

  • This luxury product, known in international commerce as carpincho leather, fetches high prices on European markets because it is more heat resistant than most leathers and because it stretches in only one direction.

    15 Agouti

  • In the more civilised parts of the Chaco, these animals, as well as the carpincho or water-hog, are getting quite rare, and having been so much shot at and worried they need the most careful stalking.

    Argentina from a British Point of View

  • There was a little excitement among the men as the boat was rowed close in under the trees, and there, half in the water, lay one of the curious animals known as a water-pig, or carpincho.

    Rob Harlow's Adventures A Story of the Grand Chaco

  • There are not only leather ones but some are made of carpincho - the tanned hide of a capybara - something I would like for a belt.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • Among endemic, rare and endangered species are found the rana trepadora isleña (Argenteophyla siemersi), ciervo de los pantanos (Blastoceros dichotomus), pajonalera pico recto (Limnornis rectirostris), lobito de río (Lontra longicaudis) and carpincho (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).

    Paraná flooded savanna

  • Some mammals in the region are the comadrejita ágil (Thylamys agilis), coipo (Myocastur coypus), ciervo de los pantanos (Blastoceros dichotomus), rata de pajonal (Scapteromys acuaticus), carpincho (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris), lobito de río (Lontra longicaudis), etc.

    Paraná flooded savanna

  • So I should if we came upon a carpincho, for this is a likely place for one of them. "

    Rob Harlow's Adventures A Story of the Grand Chaco


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