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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cartelize.


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  • The Japanese economy was then, and in many ways still is, highly "cartelized" in manufacturing, farming and trade.

    Jeff Schweitzer: China's Downfall: the Ultimate Impact of Environmental Degradation

  • You see, it's a very kind of cartelized, protected profession, there's not enough capacity, there's not enough MRI's and they're trying to restrict the numbers and keep the prices up, so this really the market working and bringing the cost down.

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2003

  • This is what fundamentally differentiates the U. S from Europe: in Europe, cartelized and organized industrialists accepted unions as stakeholders out of enlightened self-interest, in the U. S, a much more corporatized and fragmented employer class refused utterly.

    Matthew Yglesias » EFCA in International Comparison

  • That was pretty much what I figured out from my long career at a technologically advanced firm where we broke into a small, sleepy, cartelized, technically backward, and highly profitable market, revolutionized how business was done, create huge amounts of value for customers, and reduced the whole industry, including us, to negligible profits for a decade.

    Matthew Yglesias » An Influential Idea I Didn’t Get in a Book

  • In a state paper money system, the banking system is de-facto cartelized and the banks' funding conditions and certain interest rates are determined administratively by a state agency—the central bank.

    Forty Years of Paper Money

  • He bailed out big businesses and banks, fostered mergers and acquisitions, cartelized the remaining, now larger enterprises, and renewed spending.… appointed a majority of the boards of.… new credit institutions and provided them with their funds by direct subsidies and by guaranteeing their industrial investments with state bonds.


  • However Americans are brain washed by conglomerate owned and cartelized commercial TV and print media to have PRIDE in what America did in its Korean War.

    On the Need for Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in America

  • Real civil war, with hostilities increased in scope and area, had overcome a temporary peace scare for the Obama war hawks in Washington, their generals in Afghanistan, and for the media personnel in the news rooms of the cartelized TV networks of America the righteous.

    Peace in Pakistan Was Intolerable

  • Ohanian and Cole posit that workers and employers would seek to become part of this cartelized economy in which wages and prices were higher.

    Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: The Great Depression, Part IV

  • Of course, since the law profession is cartelized, I doubt this could garner much traction even if it were a thoroughly excellent idea.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Modest Proposal for Bar Exam Reform:


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