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  • adv. In a cartoonish manner; thus, in a comical or exaggerated way


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cartoonish +‎ -ly


  • Apple may have Al Gore on its board of directors, but that won't stop them from shipping teeny tiny remote controls in cartoonishly large boxes.

    Revealed: Apple's Secret Membership In The Stupid Shipping Gang - The Consumerist

  • But I am not sure a work of fiction can “illustrate” any such thesis in a robust manner, except in the way that fictional “illustrations” of this kind do, which is to say cartoonishly, without a serious empirical effort, and by assuming away many difficulties, children among them.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Ayn Rand’s Contributions

  • When I say "cartoonishly," I mean probably a solid third of the words of this novel are devoted to telling just how mean the Nightside's streets are, in terms so escalatingly hyperbolic the effect really becomes humorous--intentionally, I hope.

    Archive 2009-04-26

  • A steady stream of self-released mix tapes and videos - all adhering to the group's cartoonishly horrifying aesthetic, all a bit more deranged than the rest - increased the buzz and kept the conversation going.

    In concert: OFWGKTA at U Street Music Hall

  • This liberal muscularity campaign began in earnest when Michael Dukakis cartoonishly donned combat fatigues and a helmet and rode a tanker to inglorious defeat in the 1988 presidential campaign.

    Pamela Haag, Ph.D.: Remember When Liberals Were Feminists?

  • I only wish the handle/stand were less cartoonishly abstract.

    Boing Boing

  • In the Thai version, the bullet cartoonishly explodes someone's head.

    The Short List

  • And that makes for dangerous times for public investors, who are being bombarded with what seem like cartoonishly large valuations for Apple Inc., Groupon and even closely held Zynga Game Network Inc. All the talk is pushing price expectations higher for companies with even the slightest hook into an iPod or a Facebook app.

    Skullcandy IPO? Check Your Head

  • Hodge suggests not only this, the content of the writer's work, but the farcical blackness of his voice, which Nicholas Hytner's production realises with tremendous flair: disruptively, cartoonishly, vigorously.

    Collaborators; Three Days in May; His Teeth – review

  • And she grew up almost cartoonishly far from any widely accepted read: socially mandated way of being a woman.

    The Saturday interview: Caitlin Moran


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