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  • adj. Designed for use or suitable for carrying on top of a vehicle: a cartop luggage rack; a cartop boat.

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  • v. To attach (a boat) to the roof of an automobile for transportation.


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car +‎ top


  • It pisses me off to be knocked to the side of the road by wankers speeding by with their bikes on the cartop only to catch them at a trailhead.

    The Irrelevancy of Time: Bicycle Products Don't Spoil

  • Driving back from a canoe trip 30 years ago, our party suddenly noticed tackle boxes, pots, and stuff sacks bouncing off the blacktop behind us, courtesy of a burst zipper in our canvas cartop carrier.

    The Daddy Knot

  • Getting back to what Esperanza said re bringing only a carload of goods across the border, here is my experience from a year ago: I crossed at the Nogales truck crossing early in the morning with an SUV and cartop cargo carrier loaded to the gills with a component stereo, maybe 200 CD's, 3 guitars and an amplifier, kitchen stuff (including spices and some plug-in items), books, clothes, you name it.

    Putting together my menaje

  • Forcing the tourists (minivan piled high with gear and a cartop carrier, on the road at 0700 ... what else could they be?) to pull left to pass, and then dropping back as I finally got the GPS to settle between 74.8 and 75.2 mph.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Unless we put her in the pet carrier for the entire trip, which would be pretty cruel (and would also necessitate getting the cartop luggage carrier out of the garage from underneath the summer's accumulation to handle the luggage).

    grouse Diary Entry

  • In a cartop carrier on top of the cab, two children in bulky raincoats hunkered down against the wind.

    Lucifer's Hammer

  • • Towing a trailer or transporting items on a roof rack or in a cartop carrier. - Local

  • Also, remove the cartop ski and bike racks, which add weight and create drag when you aren't using them, and clean out the trunk.

  • MexConnect. com Forums: Areas: Jalisco's Lake Chapala Region: Looking for cartop carrier

    Looking for cartop carrier

  • after brunch Sara and I stopped at the "Rack Shop" which specializes in cartop racks, etc. the punky kid working there did not know a hill of beans, and basically said $200 for the bars to mount the canoe mounts on for the top of Sara's car.

    Archive 2007-05-01


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