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  • n. In faro, the player who marks the cards as they come from the dealing-box, so that the number of each card still to come shall be known. Small buttons are pushed along wires for this purpose, as in an abacus.


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  • The first case that showed on the case-keeper they all jumped on to play it open, as they wanted to break the snap, as then I would open another; but the case lost, and I was a good big winner over the last deal.

    Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi

  • She was keeping cases, and at the finish slammed her case-keeper shut and declared the bet off because she had made a mistake.

    The Spoilers

  • Cherry Malotte's fingers were like ice and shook till the buttons of her case-keeper rattled, her heart raced till she could not breathe, while something rose up and choked her.

    The Spoilers

  • Cherry saw the Kid "flash" to the case-keeper, and the next moment he had "pulled two."

    The Spoilers

  • In faro it is customary for the case-keeper to sit on the opposite side of the table from the dealer, with a device before him resembling an abacus, or Chinese adding-machine.

    The Spoilers

  • It is, of course, vital that the confederate case-keeper be able to interpret the dealer's signs perfectly in order to move the sliding ebony disks to correspond, else trouble will accrue at the completion of the hand when the cases come out wrong.

    The Spoilers

  • In the mind of the new case-keeper there was but one thought -- Roy must be broken.

    The Spoilers

  • A moment later the girl spoke to the case-keeper again.

    The Spoilers

  • The case-keeper passed a shaking hand over her face, and when it came away she saw blood on her fingers where she had sunk her teeth into her lower lip.

    The Spoilers

  • The dealer declined, the lookout and the case-keeper ordered whisky, and Kirby signified by a nod that the same would do for him.

    The Winds of Chance


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