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  • n. Plural form of caseinate.


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  • It can also be used to create 100 percent non-dairy whipped ‘cream’ without caseinates, helping reduce the impact of volatile commodity prices.

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  • Protein Source: milk protein concentrate, calcium and sodium caseinates

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  • Casein and caseinates (down $88 million); cereals, flour, and starch (down $52 million); and meat and edible offal (down $44 million) recorded the largest falls.

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  • New Zealand exports of milk powder, butter and cheese arrested their decline in February, gaining 2. 5% to $757 million from the same month a year earlier, though casein and caseinates tumbled 40% to $55 million over the same period.

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  • Specifically, the report covers whole and skimmed milk powders, casein and caseinates, milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates, total milk proteins, hydrolysed milk proteins and peptides, milk permeate powder, milk minerals and colostrum/IgG.

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  • However, the prices of the higher added-value milk ingredients e.g. milk protein isolates and milk protein hydrolysates have not shown the same volatility as the commodities whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, casein and caseinates.

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  • Modification of sodium caseinates could enhance the range of applications for this emulsifier, according to fundamental research from Finland's VTT.

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  • "Using different modified caseinates, it was possible to create emulsions that were stable in the acid, neutral, and alkaline regions of the pH spectrum,"

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  • Boer and his co-workers reported that the reaction between succinic anhydride and the caseinate was almost immediately, and easier than the EDA type of modification. caseinates tested as emulsifiers.

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  • "For proteins, such as sodium caseinate, whose isoelectric point is slightly acidic, the EDA modification is very interesting since it gives the opportunity to study caseinates as emulsifiers in a different pH range," wrote the researchers.

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