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  • See cass.
  • n. A bridle for a kite; also, a checkpiece or fastener by which the string of a subordinate kite is attached to the line of the main kite.
  • n. A safety-line; technically, a small copper wire inserted into the bridle of a kite by Marvin, in order that when the strain becomes too great in strong winds the wire may break and save the main structure of the kite and the line-wire. See bridle, 10.
  • n. The breaking down or incipient souring of wine, even in closed vessels.


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  • Space has been one of the biggest issues (or casse-têtes!) since Jean-Marc decided to produce wine here at the farm.

    wine maker

  • French Vocabulary le casse-tête = headache (problem) littéralement = literally la cave = wine cellar pardonnez-moi = excuse me rentrer le ventre = to hold in the stomach

    wine maker

  • At home I don't have un casse-croute of cheese and bread before dinner, but in France it's une habitude.

    rigolo - French Word-A-Day

  • The article is entitled Après "casse-toi pauv' con", le "fais pas le malin, toi".

    Pardon my French

  • French Vocabulary le casse-tête = headache problem

    wine maker

  • Space has been one of the biggest issues or casse-têtes! since Jean-Marc decided to produce wine here at the farm.

    wine maker

  • More importantly, it's a real, old-time roadside casse-croûte (outdoor seating only), it's been owned and operated by the same woman for 46 years (!)

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • We drove through Quebec along the winding, scenic 148, through the stinky town of Thurso, and then stopped at a casse-croute in Papineauville for a traditional supper of Steamies and Poutine.

    The Road Trip «

  • Et Dieu c que ca en casse des oreilles j'peux rendre sourds des heros a des kilometres a la ronde!!

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • Belmondo's penchant for doing his own stunts check him out in the above trailer for the underrated Le casse/THE BURGLARS, from which I'd bet Peter Weir's WITNESS cribbed its grain silo death scene inspired Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan.

    Jean-Paul Belmondo is 75 today!


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