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  • n. A human tower formed in festivals in Catalonia.


From Catalan castell. (Wiktionary)


  • Dubbed the "castell" – the human castle – it's a daunting sight for the uninitiated, particularly when you've agreed to help build it.

    How to build a human tower, Barcelona

  • This same season the duke of Bretayne was makynge of a Castell nere to Wannes, '' called the castell of Ermyne, the whiche as then was nere furnysshed, and to the en - tente to attrappe the constable: there he sayd vnto hym, and vnto the lorde de la Vale, and to the lorde of Beawmanoyre, and to other lordes that were there, Syrs, I requyre you or ye departe to come and se my newe castell of Armyne: ye shall se howe 1 haue deuysed it, and also howe I purpose for to doo.

    Sir John Froissart's chronicles of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Brittany, Flanders, and the adjoining countries;

  • A cheer goes up to signal the end of another successful assembly, although Eduard advises that no castell is considered a success until all layers are safely back on the ground.

    How to build a human tower, Barcelona

  • Lescriptor contemporani que ha escrit, per the mi, el millor castell ha estat Jorge Luis Borges.

    JJ Moreso: Trobada amb JPAS

  • Alguns poemes com el nmero cinc de Catul, del que recordo una magnfica traducci al castell dErnesto Cardenal - que no he tornat the trobar - o, vint segles desprs, E.E. Cummings, Lady of Silence

    JJ Moreso: Trobada amb JPAS

  • At this time, all the boundis of Scotland were ful of woddis, lesouris, and medois; for the countre wes more gevin to store of bestiall, than ony productioun of cornis; and about this castell was ane gret forest, full of haris, hindis, toddis, and siclike maner of beistis.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • At last, quhen he wes cumin throw the vail that lyis to the gret eist fra the said castell, quhare now lyis the Canongait, the staik past throw the wod with sic noyis and din of rachis and bugillis, that all the bestis were rasit fra thair dennis.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • Sone eftir, the king returnit to his castell; and in the nicht following, he was admonist, be ane vision in his sleip, to big ane abbay of channonis regular in the same place quhare he gat the croce.

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • Esta y otras esculturas o instalaciones fueron presentadas hace más de un año en Milán (feria de muestras Padova de Noviembre de 2005) con motivo del centenario del famoso láz castell 9000.

    Pencil Decorations Artwork

  • Wardhouse, a hauen, or castell of some name in the kingdome of

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation


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