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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who builds castles.
  • n. Especially, one who builds castles in the air; a visionary; a day-dreamer.


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  • "I want it to be over with," says Wing, a self-described obsessive-compulsive castle-builder, "but I'm not going to walk away from it."

    Great American Castles

  • A similar obsession-fueled castle-builder is Edward Leedskalnin, who used the coral from his Florida land in 1923 to begin what would become known as Coral Castle, a monument to the 16-year-old girl who left him the day before their wedding.

    Great American Castles

  • He knew only that he had been very small, and that there had been a beautiful stretch of sandy beach for him to play on, perfect for an aspiring young castle-builder such as he.

    Wizard and Glass

  • She was no castle-builder; there were no schemes, plans, designs, in her mind; no airy structures of future happiness employed fancy as their architect.

    The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1, April, 1851

  • The country people tell you its origin was supernatural; and some writers ascribe it to that great castle-builder, Henry de Newburgh.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 17, No. 494, June 18, 1831

  • At a point where the Seine bends sharply and a small stream cuts through the line of limestone cliffs on its right bank to join it, a promontory of rock three hundred feet above the water holds the angle, cut off from the land behind it except for a narrow isthmus, and so furnished the feudal castle-builder with all the conditions which he required.

    The History of England from the Norman Conquest to the Death of John (1066-1216)

  • Our own steep and towering rock invited to its top the castle-builder of a remote age, and then the exposed country around began to gather itself together under the shelter of the bourg.

    Bunyan Characters (3rd Series)

  • He asks if she is on in Belvidera, and when he hears that it is another actress's benefit, and that she has only consented to appear in a secondary part in a comedy of Sir John's, who is now a great castle-builder, he does not trouble himself to enter a box; at which she is half flattered, half perplexed.

    Girlhood and Womanhood The Story of some Fortunes and Misfortunes

  • Edith was a famous castle-builder, and forgetting that this half-sister, were she living, would be much older than herself, she thought of her only as a school-girl, whose home should be at Collingwood, and on whom

    Darkness and Daylight

  • He had suddenly become an aeriel castle-builder, and all his mind was absorbed in contemplating the magnificent structures that were rising up at the creative touch of imagination.

    The Good Time Coming


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