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  • adj. casuistic

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  • adj. of or relating to or practicing casuistry
  • adj. of or relating to the use of ethical principles to resolve moral problems


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  • What arguments they have to beguile poor, simple, unstable souls with, I know not; but surely the practical, casuistical, that is, the principal, vital part of their religion savours very little of spirituality.

    Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. I.

  • A cast of secondary characters make their entrances and exits: an oddball aviator, an intransigent prisoner, a casuistical priest.

    Intellectual Intrigue in Mexico City

  • Donne's casuistical treatise was an early example of the liberalized Enlightenment attitudes of the 1700's.


  • Deans, even in this extremity of suffering, had he known that his daughter was applying the casuistical arguments which he had been using, not in the sense of a permission to follow her own opinion on a dubious and disputed point of controversy, but rather as an encouragement to transgress one of those divine commandments which

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian

  • The casuistical tradition, described in (Jonsen & Toulmin, 1988), stressed the importance to our reasoning about whether a problematic cases of the skill of ordering similarity relations.

    Moral Reasoning

  • The casuistical subtilties may not be greater than the snbtilties of lawyers, hinted at above; but as the former are pernicious, and the latter innocent and even necessary, this is the reason of the very different reception they meet with from the world.

    An Enquiry into the Principles of Morals

  • Hence the casuistical or other questions which arise out of the relations of friends have not often been considered seriously in modern times.

    Lysis; or Friendship

  • Chiefly to this, — that philosophers have not always distinguished the theoretical and the casuistical uncertainty of morals from the practical certainty.


  • But alas! my dear Mr.B. was never yet thought so entirely fit to fill up the character of a casuistical divine, as that one may absolutely rely upon his decisions in these serious points: and you know we must stand or fall by our own judgments.


  • A means of reconciling the seemingly irreconcilable in Jewish law and its interpretations, pilpul has come to mean the use of increasingly fine distinctions in argument, often in casuistical fashion.

    Bernie Farber's chutzpah


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