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  • Full of knots: applied to sawn timber.
  • An opprobrious or contemptuous epithet used in the north of England.


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  • The loveplay turns aggressive, almost feral... and when an unsuspecting Jo surprises the pair in flagrante delicioso she's just in time to see Josephine have her throat bitten out by the now cat-faced Anders, who is greedily eating the now dead girl's flesh.

    31 Screams: Sally Faulkner

  • Suspicious of the Elgin marbles, and not to be done by cat-faced Egyptian giants with their hands upon their knees, Inspector Field, sagacious, vigilant, lamp in hand, throwing monstrous shadows on the walls and ceilings, passes through the spacious rooms.

    Reprinted Pieces

  • A cat-faced blonde in an Armani suit, smart, ambitious, she was always reasonably cordial to Marlene, butclearly preferred to play with the boys.

    Enemy Within

  • But, the brothers need not have troubled themselves on this account, for their last onslaught on the breeding-ground had the effect of the final straw on the camel's back, not one of the cat-faced animals -- as Eric called them, from their fancied resemblance to old

    Fritz and Eric The Brother Crusoes

  • These divine grizzly Bears or Aesculapian Snakes, these cat-faced Pashts, this Isis, queen of heaven, and Astarte and Baal and Indra and Agni and Kali and Demeter and the Virgin Mary and Apollo and Jesus Christ and

    Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning

  • The old cat-faced hag came first through the trap-door, lamp in hand; then followed Phœbus, twirling his mustaches; and lastly a third person, a beautiful and graceful figure—La Esmeralda.

    VIII. The Convenience of Windows Overlooking the River. Book VII

  • Another would have honoured his household gods, the little cat-faced idols seated above his hearth, gods to whom magic was no unusual thing, and, having paid their fees and honoured them well, would have put the whole case before them.

    Tales of Wonder

  • Let me loose that I may strangle the cat-faced creature.

    The Man Between: An International Romance

  • He walks the floor hour after hour, declaring he could have had you and the finest manor in England but for a cat-faced woman like me.

    The Man Between: An International Romance

  • Her silence exasperated a tangle-haired, cat-faced girl of seventeen years, who, more than half drunk, sat on the ground, clasping her knees with both arms and rocking herself lazily to and fro.

    Stories by English Authors: London (Selected by Scribners)


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