from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having feet like a cat's; specifically, in zoology, digitigrade, with sharp, retractile claws, as a cat; æluropodous.
  • Noiseless; quiet; stealthy.


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  • He was cat-footed, and lithe, and strong, always strong.

    Chapter 23

  • I answered, too, the summons of the Lady Om, following a sleek - faced, cat-footed eunuch through quiet palace byways to her apartments.

    Chapter 15

  • But fate comes at you cat-footed, unavoidable, and bloodthirsty.

    ‘South of Broad’

  • A few more cat-footed steps and I could almost see in the window.


  • Then he went along the corridor, cat-footed, and without hesitation, moving deeper and deeper into the The Conquering Sword of Conan darkness as he drew further away from the stair.

    The Conquering Sword of Conan

  • Rushad stole cat-footed to my couch, bringing a gift hidden in his right hand.

    Kushiel's Avatar

  • A cat-footed priest, with features like yellowed parchment stretched over a skull, entered noiselessly.

    The Bloody Crown of Conan

  • Then she rose swiftly, cat-footed across the room and eased the latch into place.

    Ship Of Destiny

  • Balawahdiwa came in, cat-footed, and closed the door.

    Operation Luna

  • They had been so silent that even his ears did not pick their breathing out of the desert night, he so cat-footed that their ears seeking other sounds gave no warning.

    Conan and The Mists of Door


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