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  • Pertaining to exchange, or to the science of exchanges.


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  • In dealing with this variety of social competition which may be called catallactic competition, we must guard ourselves against various popular fallacies.

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  • The purpose of the contest is to recognize and encourage undergraduate scholarship in the Austrian tradition and the broadly catallactic approach to social science which it represents, an approach common also to the Scottish Enlightenmentof Smith and Hume, the French Liberal School of Say and Bastiat, the Virginia School of Buchanan and Tullock, the UCLA price theory of Alchian and Demsetz, and the Bloomington School of Vincent and Elinor Ostrom, among others.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Carl Menger Essay Prize for Undergrads:

  • There is just no logical point of reference to compare an imposed situation to the catallactic one which could never come to pass.

    The Shadow Banking System, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Now THAT is a nice vision of the catallactic society.

    The Austrian Economists:

  • It is not the task of catallactic theory to depict in detail the calamities of panicky days and weeks and to dwell upon their sometimes grotesque aspects.


  • From the catallactic point of view these monopolies are not uniform.

    Mises Dailies

  • The special conditions and circumstances required for the emergence of monopoly prices and their catallactic features are:

    Mises Dailies

  • Just as specious as Phillips 'artificial conflation of biological and catallactic competition, is the artificial opposition he sets up between competition and collaboration.

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  • The social function of catallactic competition is, to be sure, not to establish who is the smartest boy and to reward the winner by a title and medals.

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  • The present book and most other economic works make it evident that economic science is not dependent on some arbitrary level of wealth; the basic praxeological laws are true of all men at all times, and the catallactic laws of the exchange economy are true whenever and wherever exchanges are made.


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