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  • noun Plural form of cathedral.


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  • The classic Henry II defence: but lacking in cathedrals and knights, the Malawians had to make do with the more mundane police-stations and dungeons that are also, like the exalted notion of leadership, a near-universal feature of the modern nation-state.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Let us hope bishops and archbishops, rectors and priests in cathedrals and basilicas such as St. Patrick's in New York and the National Shrine in Washington will take notice of this one giant leap forward on the part of the mother-church of English Catholicism.

    Westminster Cathedral High Altar Returns to Permanent Use

  • My Morning Jacket's ethereal/anthemic sound sometimes seems designed to be performed in cathedrals or opera houses, but if proved equally potent on an outdoor stage.

    Another day at Jazz Fest ends on a high note

  • But we have to just like a first century pagan has to move away from his, however little — we do not expect medieval cathedrals from the primitive church.

    Multiple Choice « Unknowing

  • Their work was ubiquitous in cathedrals, churches, monasteries and convents and crate-loads were later discarded, leaving crate-loads remaining in situ.

    Anthony Symondson on "Hardman of Birmingham"

  • Braun suggests they were required to be used "in cathedrals and other preeminent churches, not in smaller ones."

    Use, History and Development of the "Planeta Plicata" or Folded Chasuble

  • The New World, of course, did not possess many Christian saints and the relics that did find their way to the Americas generally remained in cathedrals and monasteries, where they were reserved for the contemplation of the elite.

    Pestilence and Headcolds: Encountering Illness in Colonial Mexico

  • Such murals of St Christopher were common all over Europe and impressive examples are to be seen in Spanish cathedrals and German churches, with a grand example by Titian on a staircase of the ducal palace in Venice.

    Church of St Oswald, Widford, Oxfordshire

  • (Hat tip, Dave Lull.) "On a personal note," Taleb writes, "I have to admit that I feel more elevated in cathedrals than in stock markets — be it only on aesthetic grounds."

    My kind of skeptic ...

  • Granted one of the best things about cathedrals is that they are not too holy: there is always someone rehearsing music or a bit of building work going on.

    "Now bugger off"


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