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  • n. a small pit, dug in the earth by hikers etc in order to bury faeces
  • n. either of two circular holes cut in the stern of a sailing man of war on the level of the capstan, used for the passage of stern hawsers


cat +‎ hole (Wiktionary)


  • Usually you would find a cave like this and it would be a war zone oflooters 'pits, yet there was not even a quick cathole in here.

    NPR Topics: News

  • If you can't be bothered with digging a cathole, or find bagging your leavings too coarse, the Portable Toilet could allow you to leave-no-trace with relative opulence.


  • An aristocrat is said to be "putting his head at the national window," and "he has put his head through the cathole." [

    The French Revolution - Volume 3


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