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  • n. Plural form of cation.


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  • by the say, the word verifcayshun is "cations" as in "vacations" n we are a bout to go on one!

    Another Pilgrimage

  • They also enjoy exploring everything Saskatchewan has to offer, taking what Dustin Duncan, Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, has dubbed “stay-cations” to places like Candle Lake, north of Prince Albert.

    An interview with Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

  • That does not even include his Sunday stay-cations when he happened to be in town.

    What Obama's reading on the Vineyard

  • Unfortunately, because of the actions of the Hamas terrorists, it is unavoidable, just as the deaths of millions of Germans and Japanese in the 2nd World War was not a good thing but was unavoidable due to the cations of Tojo and Hitler.

    Matthew Yglesias » Working for the Clampdown

  • The hydrogen ion causes coagulation of surface tissue, which eventually appears as a grayish white area surrounded by erythema. 16 Fluoride ions freely penetrate the skin and continue into deeper tissues, causing cellular death and liquifaction necrosis of soft tissue. 22,15 Neutralization of fluoride ions occurs when fluoride complexes with calcium and other divalent cations in the tissues, forming an insoluble salt.

    Hydrofluoric Acid

  • Serious systemic toxicity has developed upon exposure to HF, regardless of the route of the exposure. 9 In summary, HF exposures result in biphasic injury — dehydration and coagulation necrosis — penetration of tissue by fluoride ion scavenging for cations. 2,10,11

    Hydrofluoric Acid

  • Industry executives said privately that they didn't trust the notion that the FCC would take only a limited approach to the new regulations, applying just six sections of Title II of the Communi cations Act to broadband while not enforcing others.

    FCC Seeks Middle Ground on Regulating Web, Gets Pushback

  • The chemical conditions that define acidity are that acid anion concentrations (sulfate, nitrate, organic acids) are present in excess of concentrations of base cations (typically calcium or magnesium), the products of mineral weathering reactions that neutralize acidity in soil or rock.

    Acid rain

  • Depletion occurs when base cations are displaced from the soil by acid deposition at a rate faster than they can be replenished by the slow breakdown of rocks or the deposition of base cations from the atmosphere.

    Acid rain

  • This depletion of base cations fundamentally alters soil processes, compromises the nutrition of some trees, and hinders the capacity for sensitive soils to recover.

    Acid rain


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