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  • n. Plural form of catom.


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  • The new science of claytronics, which will use nanotechnology to create tiny robots called catoms, should enable three-dimensional copies of people to be 'faxed' around the world for virtual meetings.


  • He explained that Intel researchers are working to figure out how to harness millions of miniature robots, called catoms, so they could function as shape-shifting swarms.

    Red Ice Creations

  • These prototype catoms are about one millimeter in diameter and about 10 millimetres long.

    Programming matter

  • Right now, though, instead of making spheres, Intel is making cylinders, little tubes, each with 24 electromagnets around its circumference which can be powered on or off to move the catom in relationship to other catoms as their computers exchange information based on their programming.

    Programming matter

  • With catoms that size, he says, “You could have a cup full of (them), or a tray, and (they) can be programmed to take on any arbitrary shape.”

    Programming matter

  • These particles called catoms would move relative to one another via electrostatic.

    Intel CTO On Programmable Matter « Skid Roche

  • Individual catoms are programmed to move in three dimensions and position themselves so that they assume different shapes.

    What we get from Technologies in Future.

  • The substance is known as claytronics, and it consists of catoms.

    What we get from Technologies in Future.

  • When instructed by software, the catoms can morph into any person or object taking on their physical makeup.

    CNN Transcript Sep 22, 2007

  • CORRESPONDENT: The shapes are formed by claytronic atoms, or catoms, that act as a programmable clay.

    CNN Transcript Sep 22, 2007


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