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  • n. A virulently contagious disease affecting cattle; rinderpest (which see).


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  • Madame Sand describes the havoc as unprecedented in her experience -- the flowers and grass killed, the leaves scorched and yellowed, the baked earth under foot literally cracking in many places; no water, no hay, no harvest, but destructive cattle-plague, forest-fires driving scared wolves to seek refuge in the courtyard of Nohant itself -- the remnant of corn spared by the sun, ruined by hail-storms.

    Famous Women: George Sand

  • Slavonian and Bulgarian peasants conceive cattle-plague as a foul fiend or vampyre which can be kept at bay by interposing a barrier of fire between it and the herds.

    The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion

  • Forster became Vice-President of the Council, which meant Minister for Education, with a few other trifles like the cattle-plague thrown in.

    Writer's Recollections

  • Question: Which is the most "beastly plague," a cattle-plague case for a farmer, or the ablative case for a school-boy?

    Reminiscences of Tolstoy

  • Once when it was neglected, the cattle-plague broke out in the parish and ceased, says the story, not until it was restored, when right away there was an end.

    When I went Home to Mother

  • The weather was still bitterly cold, snow lay everywhere, little or no food could be obtained, the commissariat refraining from requisitioning cattle at the farms, for all through the departments for Mayenne and Ille-et-Vilaine cattle-plague was raging.

    My Days of Adventure The Fall of France, 1870-71

  • Council, which meant Minister for Education, with a few other trifles like the cattle-plague thrown in.

    A Writer's Recollections — Volume 1

  • The recent cattle-plague has fallen heavily upon him.

    Impressions of South Africa

  • Hence the cattle-plague which in 1896 carried off the larger part of the transport-oxen was a terrible misfortune, not only to the natives who owned these animals, but also to the whole northern region, which largely depends upon cattle transport for its food, its comforts, its building materials, and its mine machinery.

    Impressions of South Africa

  • All sorts of spells: how to stop the cattle-plague with a plough, and how to cure children by putting them under the perches in the hen-house!

    The Power of Darkness


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