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  • n. Plural form of caudillo.


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  • It's not unusual for Latin American caudillos to say things that suggest a growing detachment from reality.

    The Acton Institute - Acton News & Commentary

  • Even under the questionable de-centralization process -- which the opposition desperately wants to hang on to, and which, in effect, created fiefdoms and 'caudillos' -- the fact that somemunicipalities identified as part of Caracas remained within the Caracas Miranda State Governorship was at best unintelligible.

    Venezuela's government must take bull by the horns in Capital District strife

  • OS I would add, not only do I like 'caudillos' or strong men, that's not the same as a dictator, he [Chavez] has obviously been elected.

    Red Pepper

  • He warned at the danger of allowing 'caudillos' or strongmen, like Cuban President

    NYT > Home Page

  • Castro's reluctant leave-taking -- with its periodic near-finales -- fits into a long tradition of Hispanic "caudillos" or dictators.

    TODAY'S ZAMAN :: News

  • Nor did they like the fact that of the characteristic of the American caudillos, I highlighted only those displayed by "our own" Maximum Leader.

    Yoani Sanchez: Mario Vargas Llosa: A Nobel Long Delayed

  • "Its a classic case of caudillos where there is no heir apparent," said Eric Olson, a Latin American expert at Washington's Woodrow Wilson Center.

    Venezuelans Puzzle Over Their Leader's Health

  • These caudillos use their power to create blackout zones for criminal organizations to work with terrorist groups to launder money and conspire; and they seek to frustrate the attempts of the west to address critical issues of the day such as Iran's illegal nuclear program and Syria's brutal repression of their own citizens.

    Joel D. Hirst: Haiti Should Stay Away From Chavez's ALBA

  • This model, called "Socialism of the 21st Century", attempts to use a chaotic "participatory democracy" to return the region to a darker time -- when caudillos ruled unopposed and -- as in pre-Magna Carta Britain, their power is not only total, but also arbitrary.

    Joel D. Hirst: Haiti Should Stay Away From Chavez's ALBA

  • Latin American dictators are a gruesomely colorful bunch, but few caudillos can match Maximiliano Hernández Martínez, a general nicknamed "the Nazi warlock" who ruled El Salvador from 1931 to 1944.

    Adios, Warlock


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