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  • The chance at life that the shape-shifters gave you when you were attacked by the caull is the same chance you must give Grianne.


  • OK, Kafleen; Ai wil hugg hims adn skweeze hims adn caull hims Jeorge!

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  • Then he motioned the caull to its feet, gave orders to its handlers, and sent them away into the tunnels once more.


  • The caull cried out again the same high-pitched wail.


  • Before he could prepare himself, the caull attacked, springing sideways with blinding speed and tearing across the stream and up the slope in a blur of churning legs and gaping jaws.


  • He had watched them disgorge their Mwdlrel passengers and creatures like the caull his sister had used to track the shapeshifter and himself He knew they were in trouble.


  • Judging from the sounds emanating from the caull, its snout lowered to the ground as it tugged and pulled its handlers ahead, whomever they were tracking had come this way recently.


  • You've done enough already "He looked over at the caull as it hunched down at the edge of the stream. ''! can take care of this."


  • He heard Truls snarl in rage and pain, then tear at the caull with renewed fury, bearing it down against the earth.


  • The caull leading the way, its massive body Jerleing at its chains in frustration, they set off in a new direction.



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