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  • adj. pertaining to causation


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causation +‎ -al


  • • To identify a direct and thus causational relationship between teachers and students, all other factors impacting student achievement, including out-of-school factors, would have to be controlled, resulting in a process that would cost more money and time than the state can fund.

    2 false claims that drive school reform

  • The increase was so modest it is hard to believe that it was causational rather than a symptom of a preexisting metabolic dysfunction.

    Another China study | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Moreover, the principle of causational synonymy rules out that any homogenous mass, without an internal demarcation into components which move and are moved, could move itself

    Aristotle's Natural Philosophy

  • But locomotions caused without immediate transmission were understood to be be embedded in larger patterns of causation which observed the principle of causational synonymy, and it is exactly such a larger pattern of causation which is missing in the case of celestial motions.

    Aristotle's Natural Philosophy

  • Third, the principle of causational synonymy is restricted to substances at the end of Metaphysics and in the first half of the same chapter the non-standard presence of some causally relevant forms may also be envisaged.

    Aristotle's Natural Philosophy

  • All these restrictions notwithstanding, Aristotle can claim that the principle of causational synonymy remains universally valid.

    Aristotle's Natural Philosophy

  • It's a causational set of circumstances, but it's no excuse.

    CNN Transcript Oct 3, 2006

  • If H2O is a NET MAGNIFIER after all forcings/feedbacks, then the AGW proponent models trend towards their doomsday rise — if H2O is not a NET MAGNIFIER never the AGW proponent assumption, even though Dr Lindzen among others presumes as much, then the causational threat is bogus.

    UCAR Webcast of Bradley, Crowley, Ammann – Apr 6, 2005 « Climate Audit

  • However, the precise causational factors are not quite clear.

    What women who value their reproductive rights have lost

  • Normal, rational, causational thinking confuses “Bob” and lowers him to human functioning.

    The Book of the SubGenius


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