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  • n. The agent of the caused event in a causative construction.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cause +‎ -ee


  • It only serves to inflame our opposition, making them more motivated to undermine our cause, while simultaneously making us, and our causee, look bad in the eyes of a public that is largely sympathetic to our opposition.

    Well, You're All Just a Bunch of [Insert Incredibly Unfair Epithet Here]

  • As will be seen in the next chapter, a retardation in the period of spring has been observed in numerous localities in Southern Europe, as well as in the United States, and this change has been thought to favor the multiplication of the obscure parasites which causee the injury to the vegetables mentioned.

    Earth as Modified by Human Action, The~ Chapter 02 (historical)

  • Quoique plus legcr que l'Europeen, parce qu'il a plus d'habitude a courir, il est cependant beaucoup moins fort de corps; il est aussi bien moins sensible, et cependant plus craintif et plus lache; il n'a nulle vivacite nulle activite dans l'ame; celle du corpsestmoins un exercise, un mouvement volontaire qu'une necessite d'action causee parle besoin; & tez lui la faim et la soif, vous detruirezen meme temsle principe actif de tous ses mouvemens; il demeurera stupidement en repos sur ses jambes ou couche pendant des jours entiers.

    Notes on the State of Virginia


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