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  • v. Present participle of cauterize.


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  • If it does, I might be moved to do something you would be sorry for-such as cauterizing the entire surface of the planet with a single sheet of fire.

    The Source of Magic

  • Let the cauterizing fire slide through his insides.

    Earl of Durkness

  • The doc checked the temperature on the cauterizing device and, satisfied, put it away in his bag.

    Arcane Circle

  • “I can try just stitching it, but cauterizing it first is my recommendation.”

    Arcane Circle

  • The doc surveyed the wound again, holding the cauterizing tool ready.

    Arcane Circle

  • Readers may have guessed that I am not going for the second option: giving up on public efforts and cauterizing our gangrenous government so that the rest of society can survive.

    How America Can Rise Again

  • Light-headed and dizzy, I drank a Coke before cauterizing the wound on the flat-top grill.

    The Stories Behind 13 Chefs' Kitchen Scars

  • In the course of the next two months, Jack will encounter vats of molten paraffin, suspicious Girls Scout cookies, powdered rat poison and a tattooed corpse, as well as arson, poaching and murder, and he will endure the clandestine cauterizing of inflamed capillaries in his own nose.

    Struck By Myriad Delights

  • By cauterizing the public access to signature signers he will turn around and cauterize the ballot process from being used as weapons against groups of people.

    McKenna’s SCOTUS Brief is Poorly Written « PubliCola

  • Most cattle are “dehorned” when young, either by cauterizing, cutting or a new paste on the market.

    What’s the singular form of ‘cattle’? « Motivated Grammar


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