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  • n. The act of hollowing or excavating; specifically, in architecture, the digging or excavating of the earth for the foundation of a building; the trench or excavation so dug. In the specific use also spelled cavazion.
  • n. In fencing, a method of evading a low thrust by drawing the haunch backward, thus withdrawing the abdomen and chest from the reach of the adversary's weapon.
  • n. In modern fencing, also a side-blow, delivered after quitting the oppoent's blade, carrying the guard to left or right in an effort to reach around his position. The move exposes the fencer dangerously, and should be employed only with careless opponents.


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  • He discusses - due to cavation (super sonic bubbles - which can easily take out a ship and scientifically believed to be the logical reason behind the "Bermuda Triangle" mysteries) there exists a possibility of a crack in the ocean floor and a future final catastrophic rupture.


  • One more treat for a cold day is a treasure ice-cavation.

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