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  • n. Same as cavallard.


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  • They'd go right out and make Amalon look like a whole cavayard of razor-hoofed buffaloes had raced back and forth over it.

    The Lions of the Lord A Tale of the Old West

  • The second man in command was the assistant wagon-master; then came the “extra hand,” next the night herder; and lastly, the cavayard driver, whose duty it was to drive the lame and loose cattle.

    The Great Salt Lake Trail

  • The rocks on the sides was pecked smooth as a beaver-skin, ribbed with the grain, and the ground was covered with bits of cedar, like a cavayard of mules had been nipping and scattering them about.

    The Great Salt Lake Trail

  • Then the big dogs jumped clean over us, growling louder than a cavayard of grizzly bear, and the devils, holding on to their tails, flopped over my head, screaming — ‘We've got you — we've got you at last!’

    The Great Salt Lake Trail

  • Looking back, the whole cavayard of hell was coming; nothing but devils on devils filled the hole!

    The Great Salt Lake Trail

  • Wi 'the parairas as dry as they are, I kud stampede that hul cavayard as easy as a gang o' bufflers; and we'd come in for a share o 'them, I reckin.

    The Scalp Hunters

  • Putty hoss too; but I wudn't giv my old mar for a hul cavayard o 'him.

    The Scalp Hunters

  • How are 'ee gwine to get at it with this cavayard' ithout makin 'sign?

    The Scalp Hunters

  • “I stepped forward with a big fellow, with hair frizzled out like an old buffalo just before shedding time; and the people jawing worse than a cavayard of paroquets, stopped, while frizzly shouted: — “‘Mr. Hatcher, formerly of Wapakonnetta, latterly of the Rocky Mountains.’

    The Great Salt Lake Trail

  • "Yur ridin 'in the Injun hoss," said Rube, "ud niver do: it mout, on the wust pinch: an ef ee don't git in the t'other way, ee kin still try it; but ye kud niver git acrosst through the cavayard 'ithout stampeedin'

    The War Trail The Hunt of the Wild Horse


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