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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a cave


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cave +‎ -like


  • Some of his pieces invite us to peer into cavelike crevasses, one thing embodied within another.

    Beauty That's No Illusion

  • He awoke to find himself in a tiny cavelike cell with a couple of ventilation holes -- and the constant blasting of Brazilian country music.

    Brazilian Billionaire Is a Control Freak

  • Most of the lamps were off, so it was dark and cavelike, the only light coming from the massive windows that looked into the hippo enclosures.


  • A dank series of cavelike rooms below an Orthodox yeshiva, the place had a musty, subterranean feel, as if the Golem were crouching in the next passageway.

    The Lampshade

  • As she walked down the steep escalator into the cavelike recess of the Dupont Circle Metro station, she practiced greeting him.

    Law of Attraction

  • Dark and cloistered and cavelike, the stairwell had seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve

  • The cavelike space cut them off completely from sight.

    The Book Of Spells

  • There were several promising cavelike crevices among the collapsed buildings.


  • The ceiling had once been whitewashed, but was now dark with soot from candles and lamps, making the room feel cavelike.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • The kitchens of the abbey were warm and cavelike, the arching roof blackened with centuries of grease-filled smoke.

    Sick Cycle Carousel


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