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  • n. The person who cedes a personal obligation to another.

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  • Yielding; giving way. See extract under cessionary.


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Latin cēdere ("to yield")


  • Under certain indemnity reinsurance agreements, one of our insurance subsidiaries, LLANY, provides 100\% indemnity reinsurance for the business assumed, however, the third-party insurer (the "cedent") remains primarily liable on the underlying insurance business.

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  • " He added that Congress lacked pre cedent for " regulation of a person ' s decision not to purchase a product, notwithstanding its effect on interstate commerce or role in a global regulatory scheme.

    Court Strikes at Health Law

  • In my experience, if a person prepares to do that much problem-solving or arranging experiences for another person ... the efforts set up a critical pre-cedent.

    Complex move to Mexico...

  • On the other hand, Émile Littré, Comte's most noted disciple, maintained that developments in indus - try, morality and art were separate from and ante - cedent to intellectual development.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • 'Et pource que les hommes ne cedent guieres aux femmes en lubricité, c'est pourquoy le Demon se met aussi en femme ou Succube ....

    The Witch-cult in Western Europe A Study in Anthropology

  • Alpheosque sacer lauat. si forma uelit aspici, cedent Aesonio duci proles fulminis improbi aptat qui iuga tigribus, 30 nec non, qui tripodas mouet, frater uirginis asperae, cedet Castore cum suo


  • "Cum tempus advenerit, quo se mundus renovaturus extinguat, viribus ista se suis cedent, et sidera sideribus incurrent, et omni flagrante materia uno igne quicquid nunc ex disposito lucet, ardebit."

    Notes and Queries, Number 52, October 26, 1850 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc

  • Updated information from one cedent was also the primary driver of the increase for New Zealand.

  • In our core book of treaty reinsurance, the impact of the market from pricing and cedent retentions were stable, and the underlying strength of the book continues to improve as net new business won was positive for the third consecutive quarter.

  • If the cedent recaptured the business, LLANY would be required to release reserves and transfer assets to the cedent.

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