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  • n. Rare spelling of cell wall.


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  • Similar to penicillin, the new drug killed by interfering with cell-wall synthesis, but its mode of action was different: it bound to a different component of the developing cell wall, in such a manner that bacteria ought to have a more difficult time foiling its activity.


  • Several vaccine-development programs persisted, however, including one based around a reformulation of StaphVAX, and another developing a novel formula that targeted cell-wall protein, which was the work of pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.33 In 2008, researchers reported interim success—in an animal trial only—with a third new approach.


  • For a drug whose mechanism depended on disrupting cell-wall synthesis, that had to be important—but the researchers were not sure how.


  • However, an increase in UV-B absorbing compounds may result in a decrease in cell expansion and cell-wall growth [36].

    Effects of ultraviolet-B on forest vegetation in the Arctic

  • It is important to remember that not all soluble flavonoids are UV-inducible [33] or acid-methanol extracted (e.g., cell-wall bound UV-B absorbing phenylpropanoids [34]).

    Effects of ultraviolet-B on forest vegetation in the Arctic

  • However, recent research — yes, there are people who research this kind of thing — suggests that cell-wall cements also play a role in gas production from beans.

    The Other Indigestible Carbs

  • Turning that defensive armor into fuel involves pretreating the plant material with chemicals to strip off cell-wall protections.

    Cellulosic Ethanol: One Molecule Could Cure Our Addiction to Oil

  • "There are lots of organisms that naturally degrade and digest plant cell-wall material," says biologist Kevin Gray, the company's director of alternative fuels.

    Cellulosic Ethanol: One Molecule Could Cure Our Addiction to Oil

  • But the cell-wall problem remains with switchgrass.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Forget Corn, Conserve Forests Instead.

  • There may be useful growth response information in such parameters as cell-wall thickness, cell volume, cambium vascularization, or lignin/cellulose ratios, etc.

    Treydte, Moberg, Soon and Baliunas « Climate Audit


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