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  • n. Plural form of centaur.


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  • I, however, am here to explain the wisdom of centaurs, which is impersonal and impartial.

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • The centaurs were a practical species; the raft was equipped with several paddles and a pole.

    Centaur Aisle

  • Mythology is full of composite creatures such as centaurs and minotaurs that combine parts of humans and animals.

    Garden Goblins

  • Another notable example is in the Xanth series (Piers Anthony being a big fan of moderate eroticism in his writing) where certain mixes (such as centaurs) are attributed to love potions or springs.

    Us Being Human

  • Unorthodox Scientific Opinions: Some modern-day Australian and British anthropologists suggest that hybrids such as centaurs could have co-existed side by side with early humans, if we look at 32,000-year-old rock paintings in Australia and South Africa.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • “there are in the nature of things some things that have being and some that do not,” since it includes “anything that comes to mind, such as centaurs, giants or anything else made up by a false thought.”

    Intentionality in Ancient Philosophy

  • The ceilings are decorated with Italian grotteschi: sylvan landscapes of centaurs, nymphs, gargoyles, and swans.

    The Memory Palace

  • We will help you fight the Orrian undead, who threaten your shipping lanes, and you will help us fight the centaurs that raid our villages.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • I have seen you slay devourers and destroyers, centaurs and ettins and worse.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • Swap roles with Artemis and spy on him as you take a virtual tour into the world of tunnelling dwarfs and centaurs.

    Don't fear the Reader: how technology can benefit children's books


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