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  • n. Plural form of centavo.


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  • There are many Mexicans to whom 50 centavos is an amount that in fact does matter, and if they bargain over the price of a kilo of tomatoes, that really does not mean I抦 foolish for not doing the same ...

    To bargain or not to bargain?

  • Just think in pesos, centavos is too hard on the mind till you've been there awhile.


  • My 2 centavos is that the communities that have alot of people NOB have a stronger tendency to bring back the Gringo traditions.

    'tis the Season

  • Gentlemen, one sweet potato cannot be sold for 6 centavos, that is when we have enough sweet potatoes.

    President Castro SNTAF Congress Speech

  • Those who had the greatest income paid 3 centavos and -- it is the truth -- those who had the smallest income were paying up to 40 centavos, meaning 10 centavos per kilowatt for the first 40 kilowatts [as heard].


  • At the end of the day, with the added centavos from each sale, they accrue dividends much greater than the symbolic salary they receive in the national currency.

    Yoani Sanchez: As They Used to Say in the USSR: We Pretend To Work and They Pretend To Pay Us

  • Don't try getting it at a store, unless you plan to buy something -- and be ready in that case to have the merchant refuse your business rather than part with precious centavos, or to have him hand you bon-bons instead of coins.

    Argentina Is Short of Cash – Literally

  • – Judd Gregg Armed with this history, it takes no great flight of fancy to imagine Argentine firms today, including supermarket and retail chains like Carrefour and Wal-Mart, reputable banks like HSBC Bank Argentina, and transport companies like Metrovias, issuing their own centavos and one peso coins.

    Argentina Is Short of Cash – Literally

  • The news caused Mexico's peso to surge more than 50 centavos to 13.30 to the dollar, while stocks were up; the IPC index rose more than 5% to 23014.05.

    China Plans to Fly Mexicans Home

  • A toda esa gente, a los que confiaban en el fraude, en la corrupción, a los que pretendieron seguir humillando a los compatriotas, comprándoles sus cédulas por unos centavos, la gente le demostró que es digna y que quiere construir un país diferente.

    Paraguay: Ex-Bishop Becomes Next President


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