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  • n. The state of being centered.
  • n. The state of being centered on the thing specified.


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  • Contemporaneous with this type of self-centeredness is another kind — the posting of downloads of e-books on a wholesale scale by individuals.

    April « 2009 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • And the onset of centeredness is forgiving your role models their imperfections, which is a form of forgiving yourself for needing them earlier in your life.

    What’s A Goon To A Goblin? | ATTACKERMAN

  • I don't think self-centeredness is a modern problem.

    A Perpoxing Question

  • In Antwerp, Royle's off-centeredness is not merely geographic.

    New Fiction

  • Yes, the wild child of tennis has learned that self-centeredness is a deserted island, invincibility a mirage. - Baby helping Agassi grow up

  • The Dalai Lama, though, stressed that, in addition, to the above mentioned secular "virtues," ethical living ultimately requires yet something else, though it also does not require belief in God or any kind of religious notion: The absence (or, as we would say, at least the "relative" absence) of selfishness or self-centeredness, that is of "ego" -- to which the Dalai Lama has often referred as humanity's "chief demon"!

    Eberhard Kronhausen and Phyllis Kronhausen: "God Talk" -- Enough Already?

  • For several years recently at our school, Sifu Andrew Lum, one of the world’s most accomplished practitioners of tai chi, led a weekly afterschool workshops in tai chi, an art which involves, movement, breathing, and what might be called centeredness or mental discipline.

    Tai Chi, Aikido, and Writing

  • Written over Christmas break in my senior year, this was a superhero novel, and the villain was a six-month old telekinetic genius (incredible intelligence, but the utter self-centeredness of an infant).

    2009 March «

  • Even if its not based in malice, but rather just based in a racially oriented feeling of self centeredness.

    Matthew Yglesias » Pro-Slavery

  • We have been caught up in apathy and self centeredness.

    What do you think of our great president's idea of opening up the U.S. border?


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