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  • adj. Alternative form of centremost.


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  • I rode a tram over to the eastern side of the centermost district, in order to go to the Berliner Dom (Cathedral) and DDR Museum (a hands-on museum of life in East Berlin).


  • We look at specific areas and find patterns—deltas, whorls, arches, loops—and the core, the centermost part of the fingerprint.


  • I place my cursor on the core, the centermost part of the print.


  • Hernando dropped Carlos's head with the cape and jumped higher now, landing the sword precisely in the spot he intended—just between the shoulders, at the centermost point on a line with the giant aorta beneath.

    Carlos The Impossible (Part 2)

  • For one thing, it was located on the centermost island in a group called the Nameless Isles, and as far as she knew, only a small number of people even knew they existed, and an even smaller number could actually reach them.

    The Dragon’s Apprentice

  • As I perused the art, the centermost piece held my attention.

    Fatal Circle

  • Two bolts in quick succession struck the collar of the unicorn centermost in the charging front line.

    Fatal Circle

  • The centermost pair stood open with enough light streaming through to illuminate a considerable number of mostly large boxes sitting in the lobby.

    Fatal Circle

  • She loosed a torrent of heavy slugs into the fuselage of the centermost fighter.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • Nor is it any secret that, in fragile five-justice majority coalitions, the centermost i.e., the most conservative of a liberal coalition, or the most liberal of a conservative coalition justice disproportionately gets assigned to write, lest an opinion from a justice farther out on the wings cause that centermost justice to jump ship.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Ralph Rossum on Sotomayor and Souter:


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