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  • n. Plural form of centner.


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  • We had for every one of our corps twelve shot apiece, and in the rear a sufficiency of centners of powder, with ball and match.

    John Splendid The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn

  • To maintain this proportion, the production in the next ten years must be increased by at most two double-centners per Hectare, which is quite possible if it is considered that the rye harvest alone in the last twenty years has increased by two million tons.

    Germany and the Next War

  • The agricultural enterprise was successful: in 2008 it produced and sold 2,864 tons of milk, 45,616 tons of grain from a harvest of 53 centners per hectare, and 18,234 tons of sugar beet.


  • It was believed that with advanced technology and the latest imported agricultural equipment, the harvest of winter wheat in the region could be raised to 40 centners per hectare for 100,000 hectares.


  • Compared with 2007, yields of potatoes and cereals per hectar staple increased by 4.7 centners and 9.7 centners respectively.

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  • Íýã ãà-ãààñ 13.8 öåíòíåð ¿ð òàðèà, Yields of cereals, potatoes per hectar 109.6 öåíòíåð òºìñ õóðààñàí íü 2007 staple agricultural crops were harvested 13.8 îíûõîîñ ¿ð òàðèàíûõ 4.7 öåíòíåð, centners and 109.6 centners respectively. òºìñíèéõ 9.7 öåíòíåðýýð òóñ òóñ èõ áàéíà.

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  • պ人 àæ àõóé 9.18 ÍÝà ÃÀ ÒÀËÁÀÉÃÀÀÑ ÕÓÐÀÀÑÀÍ ÓÐÃÀÖ, àéìàã, íèéñëýëýýð YIELDS OF STAPLE AGRICULTURAL CROPS, by aimags and the Capital öåíòíåð centners Àéìàã, íèéñëýë Aimags and 2006 2007 2008 the Capital ¯ð òàðèà Cereals Ä¿í / Total 9.2 13.8 11.0 ÀÐ / AR 2.6 15.0 12.5

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  • Only this year, because of the drought, many farms had an unprecedentedly bad harvest - four centners per hectare, and the price is ridiculously low - 4,000 rubles per ton.


  • The minister also said farmers had fully harvested 6.8 million tonnes of sunflower seeds, with the crop yield being 16.3 centners per hectare.

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