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  • n. Plural form of centralizer.


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  • The background was that Halliburton had recommended BP use 21 devices called centralizers to center and stabilize the steel pipe in the well, but BP decided to use only six.

    Hearings focus on possible human factors in BP oil spill

  • I don't believe the centralizers were a factor because I question their effectiveness, especially in small gauge holes, such as this one.

    Robert L. Cavnar: BP Accident Report Out...Points Finger at Everyone Else

  • But the report endorses a relatively benign explanation of BP's decision to use six devices called centralizers to stabilize the pipe in the well instead of the 21 recommended by contractor Halliburton.

    BP internal investigation report leaves some things unsaid

  • BP used only six devices called centralizers instead of the 21 recommended by contractor Halliburton to center the pipe in the well.

    BP releases report on gulf well blowout

  • More from Washington Wire BP Spill Investigator: ' Everybody Hates Me ' As for specific problems in developing the Macondo well along the way, Mr. Sankar said that a decision to use six parts known as centralizers instead of the 21 recommended by Halliburton might not necessarily have been wrong.

    Oil Spill Panel Says Money Didn

  • Halliburton's Jesse Gagliano, which stated that BP's choice to use fewer than seven devices called centralizers to hold well pieces in place risked a "SEVERE gas flow problem."

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • After days of speculation by lawyers at Marine Board hearings that 15 items called centralizers went unused on the rig because they were the wrong kind, Guide testified that they were the wrong type for the job.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • Halliburton recommended using twenty-one so-called centralizers to stabilize it; BP ignored the advice and used just six.

    Democracy Now!

  • They also might address the role of a contractor from Weatherford International who was on the rig to install devices called centralizers - meant to help secure the pipe-like casing in the middle of the well hole before cement was poured around it. Chronicle

  • It also could take heat off BP engineers for a much-scrutinized decision to install fewer devices - called centralizers - than Halliburton had recommended for a section of well casing, despite risks that the smaller number could cause an uneven cement job and gas flow in the well. Chronicle


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