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  • adv. away from a centre or axis
  • adv. using centrifugal force
  • adv. in a centrifuge

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  • In a centrifugal manner; from the center outward.


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From centrifugal + -ly


  • Peering from beneath hoods, wearing sweatpants, clutching blankets, huddling sideways in their chairs as if centrifugally dislodged from their own lives, the celebs tell their stories at group sessions.

    Retching With the Stars

  • On any one wheel, all the available puffins are lifted and spun centrifugally in a continuous circuit three hundred feet across and a hundred feet deep.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Unlike Kaufman's other stories, this one (dreamily directed by Michel Gondry) doesn't fling its characters centrifugally toward deeper loneliness or death.

    Untangling Charlie Kaufman

  • The turn was bad enough, crushing the chest but when I shot up to the ridge, hanging centrifugally before flattening out to the fall line again with the skids wobbling left and right, it seemed it might be a good idea to ... um ... stop if you don't mind ... please?

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • In Borushko's estimation, Shelley's patriotism is actually one with his visionary cosmopolitanism, an ethical demand for a life lived centrifugally, a love always taking one out of one's private and national self.


  • Between each two rows of tubs in the center of the room were enormous whirling separators or dryers, into which these webs of cloth, as they came from the tubs in which they had been shrinking for twenty-four hours, were piled and as much water as possible centrifugally extracted before they were spread out on the drying racks.

    An American Tragedy

  • Immediately one of the gunships at the rear of their V-formation dove, curved back the way they had come in a centrifugally perfect arc, and raked the treeline with rocket and minigun fire.

    Prayers To Broken Stones

  • The street is unpaved, the horse is unshod, the hoofs cannot be heard, and you have hardly time to efface yourself against a wall when a cavalier passes by like a careless torrent, scattering the white bornouses centrifugally from his pathway as he advances.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 24, March, 1873

  • The leaders of Canadian life who followed Confederation have worked centrifugally rather than centripetally, with the result that we are farther away than ever from having national schools in Canada, and the gulf between our two leading nationalities has been widened instead of narrowed.

    Can We Achieve Canadian Unity?

  • Legs and bodies were thrown out as if driven centrifugally by a powerful breath, with Hugo lost in the smoke and dust of the weaving mass.

    The Last Shot


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