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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of centrifuge.


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  • On the menu for Tuesday was a goat milk ricotta with centrifuged pea puree layers; caramelized carrot soup prepared with pressure-cooked baking soda; a mushroom omelet steamed in a combi oven, and pastrami that had been cooked "sous vide" for 72 hours, precisely cured, brined and fermented.

    Technology Genius Cooks Up Geoduck for 90

  • Linda Blake for The Wall Street Journal The tube of DNA, artificial membrane material and reagents is centrifuged to remove unwanted materials.

    Artificial Cell Membranes Could Speed Up Drug Discovery

  • Because we can now achieve a pregnancy with only one sperm, any semen sample that appears to have no sperm is centrifuged and examined carefully for sperm.

    A Baby at Last!

  • I'll check them out to you: have to do that; they've already been centrifuged.

    Destiny Narrowly Avoided

  • The "let's see what happens if a spider is centrifuged at various speeds and for various times" badge.

    My science scout badges of, ummm, honor

  • The patient's blood is drawn, centrifuged by a specialist called a perfusionist, and injected, all in one visit.

    Injured? Horsing Around With Stem Cells May Get You Back in the Saddle

  • The sludge of bacterial proteins is centrifuged to separate out differing molecular weights, and the dipeptide is spun out for transfer to tankers to transport for packing and marketing at other facilities.


  • Upon admission, he was immediately given a transfusion, and has since had 6-8 "platelet packs," which consist of platelets that have been centrifuged out of whole blood.

    It's Always about the Blood

  • This Developmental Biology paper, Microtubule-mediated transport of organelles and localization of β-catenin to the future dorsal side of Xenopus eggs, mentions that "if a normal [toad] egg is manually tipped or centrifuged midway through the first cell cycle to force a second rotation, a second axis can be produced, leading in the most dramatic cases to a two-headed tadpole".

    Archive 2004-06-01

  • The sucrose is whitened by the technique of decolorization, in which granular carbon—a material like activated charcoal that can absorb undesirable molecules on its large surface area—is added to the centrifuged, redissolved sugar.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen


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