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  • v. Present participle of centrifuge.


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  • Similarly in a solution, when centrifuging is sufficiently rapid, the molecules of the dissolved substance must accumulate outwards if they are considerably heavier than the molecules of the solvent.

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1926 - Presentation Speech

  • Planes carrying Iranian nuclear scientists mysteriously crash-land, equipment for the highly sensitive centrifuging operation to separate the highly fissionable but rare isotope U-235 from the relatively inert but far more plentiful U-238 has mysteriously malfunctioned, occasionally blowing up.

    How the End Begins

  • I also find it creepy that people spend a lot of money centrifuging their sperm in order to sex-select their children pre-conception.

    On the Irrelevance of the Causes of Homosexuality

  • The contact process used to create the acid was producing arsenic that poisoned the catalyst, so Cottrell determined that centrifuging the arsenic-contaminated sulfuric acid mists would remove the arsenic.

    Cottrell, Frederick Gardner

  • Focusing on Advances At the Hospital for Special Surgery, surgeons are also investigating the use of special clots formed by centrifuging the patient's own blood before surgery to isolate platelets that contain a number of different growth factors.

    New Techniques Tackle

  • Then, the age of mega-conglomerate centrifuging--think Vivendi Universal shedding entertainment assets--provided Redstone his solution: Let both COOs play father hen to their very own companies.

    NYSE Traders Reward Moonves' CBS, Freston's Viacom

  • She is reported to have said they could have nukes within 16 days of sufficient centrifuging.

    Firedoglake » Demand Sane Leadership On Iran

  • The key to it is the phrase, “sufficient centrifuging.”

    Firedoglake » Demand Sane Leadership On Iran

  • Iran could have nukes within 16 days of sufficient centrifuging.

    Firedoglake » Demand Sane Leadership On Iran

  • He insisted that it was not logically inconsistent to be for unrestricted access for abortion and to outlaw gender selection other pro-choice countries have restircitons on methods of gender selection that involve, e.g., centrifuging sperm, but ignored the practical inconsistency; if abortion cannot be restricted or prohibited for any reason, then any method of selecting characteristics in your children that involves aborting children who do not have the desired characteristics is de facto legal.

    Seven Posts About Abortion, Prenatal Testing and Down Syndrome


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