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  • n. Plural form of centriole.


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  • He presents a hypthesis about spindle microtubules in centrioles.

    ID Research, Look to the Example

  • The centrioles are a pair of structures composed of microtubules.

    Answerbag: Latest Questions in Question Categories

  • I’m stunned by the idea that nobody had proposed that the centrioles were a turbine before.

    Make The Leap - The Panda's Thumb

  • Outside the cell’s nucleus which now houses a double set of the chromosomes, two organelles referred to as centrioles migrate to opposite sides of the cell.


  • That may well operate via quantum weirdness as well, at least per the Penrose-Hameroff Orch-OR model of consciousness – where tubulin dimers in the microtubules of centrioles and cytoskeleton perform quantum computational information processing by configurational state-switching.

    Coordinated Evolution

  • Remember his “hypothesis” that centrioles are molecular jet engines, and his assertion that this was the basis of cancer?

    Jonathan Wells gets everything wrong, again - The Panda's Thumb

  • Why are flagella, immune systems, centrioles, and blood-clotting cascades not also "developed functions"

    Creationism, defined

  • Case in point – Wells '"paper" on centrioles, where he describes centriole structure, then describes the structure of a rotor-driven turbine … end of story … it's a hollow argument.

    Analogy, How Scientifically Powerful is It?

  • What useful insight into biology is made by the old observation that centrioles look like turbines?

    Clear Thinking?

  • But then, the probability of ID being true given that centrioles are not turbines equals the probability that ID is true given that centrioles are turbines.

    ID Research, Look to the Example


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