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  • adj. Pertaining to, or characteristic of centromeres

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  • adj. pertaining to the centromere, the dense specialized portion of a chromosome to which the spindle attaches during mitosis.

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  • adj. pertaining to the dense specialized portion of a chromosome to which the spindle attaches during mitosis


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  • In addition, fixed cytogenetic differences include a centromeric shift, heterochromatic differences on autosomal pairs 1–6, and the number of nucleolar organizer regions.

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  • A recent analysis of the global distribution of meiotic crossovers in budding yeast suggested that Zip1 is necessary for the repression of centromeric crossing-over

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  • In most organisms the selection of the segregation partners is based on sequence homology and recombination along the chromosome arms, and not the centromeric regions, as manipulation of homologous chromosomes so that they have non-homologous centromeres has little deleterious effect on their segregation behavior

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  • To differentiate this homology-independent centromeric association from the regular pairing between homologous chromosomes this phenomenon has been referred to as centromere coupling

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  • When co-expressed from a centromeric plasmid, nhp2ins9 and utp15ins15 were actually able to suppress growth defects on glucose in the Ins9 (ins9, rps15-1, GAL:: RPS15) and Ins15 (ins15, rps15-1, GAL:: RPS15) strains respectively, albeit much less efficiently than the wild-type allele (data not shown).

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  • The white region in each Brachypodium chromosome represents the centromeric region.

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  • White diamonds identify fusion points containing remnant centromeric repeats.

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  • The mechanisms governing the assembly of centromeric chromatin are not well understood.

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  • ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factor CHD1 on centromeric chromatin in Drosophila using in vivo and in vitro approaches. 

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  • Furthermore, you will develop an in vitro assembly system for centromeric chromatin using purified histones, chaperones and CHD1.

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