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  • n. Plural form of centrosome.


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  • In S2R+ cells, anti-Cnn antibodies only label centrosomes during mitosis (

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  • CELL FROM A SALAMANDER. _n_, nucleus; _n'_, nucleolus embedded in the network of chromatin threads; _k_, network of the cell external to the nucleus; _a_, attraction-sphere or archoplasm containing minute bodies called centrosomes; _cl_, membrane enclosing the cell externally, _nl_, membrane surrounding the nucleus;

    Young Folks' Library, Volume XI (of 20) Wonders of Earth, Sea and Sky

  • Most microtubules radiate out from structures known as centrosomes, but many cells also contain non-centrosomal microtubules of ambiguous function that are anchored to yet-unknown cellular targets.


  • It is therefore not surprising that hundreds of proteins are associated with microtubules either directly, or via organelles such as centrosomes

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  • A new study describes a remarkable process by which the egg cells of Hymenopteran insects make new centrosomes from scratch.

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  • I have dealt with his model of centrosomes before, but I will remind people that while chromosomal abnormalities are seen in many cancers, they are not seen in all cancers.

    Wells vs Mutant Mice - The Panda's Thumb

  • There is new evidence for the endosymbiotic origin of centrosomes, with the discovery that centrioles house an RNA that encodes an RNA polymerase not found in any eukartyotic genome!

    Wells vs tiny flies - The Panda's Thumb

  • … Comparison between organisms with structurally different centrosomes might be critical for a better understanding of centrosome duplication if a general mechanism has been conserved throughout evolution.

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  • First of all, ID encourages a closer look at centrosomes and centrioles.

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  • It is not certain that there is any such continuity of descent in the case of the centrosomes; for, while in the process of fertilization the centrosome is handed down from parent to child, there are some reasons for believing that it may disappear in subsequent cells, and later be redeveloped out of other parts.

    The Story of the Living Machine A Review of the Conclusions of Modern Biology in Regard to the Mechanism Which Controls the Phenomena of Living Activity


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