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  • When all these centuries were in agreement, the rest of the votes were not even taken; the decision of the smallest number passed for that of the multitude, and it may be said that, in the comitia centuriata, decisions were regulated far more by depth of purses than by the number of votes.

    The Social Contract

  • Without going here into further details, we may gather from what has been said above that the comitia tributa were the most favourable to popular government, and the comitia centuriata to aristocracy.

    The Social Contract

  • It is indisputable that the whole majesty of the Roman people lay solely in the comitia centuriata, which alone included all; for the comitia curiata excluded the rural tribes, and the comitia tributa the senate and the patricians.

    The Social Contract

  • The comitia curiata were founded by Romulus; the centuriata by Servius; and the tributa by the tribunes of the people.

    The Social Contract

  • When lawfully summoned, these were called comitia: they were usually held in the public square at Rome or in the Campus Martius, and were distinguished as comitia curiata, comitia centuriata, and comitia tributa, according to the form under which they were convoked.

    The Social Contract

  • The consuls were elected by the comitia centuriata, a plutocratically organized assembly of the male citizens, but their imperium continued to be conferred by the comitia curiata (lex curiata).

    e. The Early Republic

  • All magistrates with imperium, and also the censors, were elected by the military assembly, comitia centuriata.

    e. The Early Republic

  • Sometime between 241 and 217, the comitia centuriata was reorganized to make it partially correspond to the tribal system.

    c. The Punic Wars

  • Encouraged by Pergamum, Rhodes, and Athens, the senate resolved to make war on Philip V of Macedon and frightened an unwilling comitia centuriata into declaring war by visions of a renewed invasion of Italy.

    d. Conquest of the Mediterranean

  • The comitia centuriata was now returned to the form it had enjoyed during the reign of King Servius Tullius, when its votes were skewed to give the First Class very nearly fifty percent of the power.

    The Grass Crown


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